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Food Support :

Feeding 150 lives, 365 days a year is a constant challenging endevour. Donors can feed the patients and children on any particular day of their choice in memory or in honour of a loved one. Food Support can be done in two ways.

a ) Daily Support :

  • Breakfast 4,000 - 5,000/-*
  • Lunch (or) Dinner 6,000 – 11,000/-.*
  • Coffee and Snacks 500 - 3,000/-.*

* The amount varies according to the menu list.

b ) Life Time Support :

Particular meal on a particular day is reserved for the donor permanently and again only the interest incurred from the Endowment Deposit is used for the meal every year automatically.

  • 50,000/- for morning and evening coffee with snacks.
  • 50,000/- for breakfast.
  • 1,00,000/- for lunch or dinner either Veg. or Non veg.
  • 3,00,000/- for all meals in a day.

Permanent Endowment can also be paid in installments.

I was hungry you gave me food.
I was thirsty you gave me drink.

- Mathew 25:35


DAYS Early Morning 6:00 Breakfast 07:30 Midmorning 10.00 Lunch 13:00 Evening 17:00 Dinner 19:30
Mon Black Coffee Coconut Rice, Coriander Chutney Tea, Rusk Rice. Vegetables, Sambar. Coffee, Sundal. Rice, Sambar, Vegetables, Chicken 65.
Tue Black Coffee Pongal, Vadai, Sambar. Tea, Rusk. Rice, Pulikulambu and boiled egg. Coffee, Mixture Parotta or Chappathi & Veg gravy
Wed Black Coffee Lemon Rice, Coconut & Gram Chutney. Tea, Rusk. Rice, Rasam, Scrambled Egg. Coffee, Brown Grams. Samba Rice Porridge, Smallgram Chutney
Thurs Black Coffee Idly, Sambar. Tea, Rusk Rice, Vegetables, Sambar. Coffee, Omam Mixture Rice, Rasam, Vegetables, Chicken curry.
Fri Black Coffee Tomato Rice, Coconut & Gram Chutney. Tea, Rusk Rice, Morekulambu, Bittergaurd & Papad. Coffee, Bun Koottansoru, Pickles.
Sat Black Coffee Uppuma, Banana & Sugar. Tea, Rusk Veg. Briyani & Onion Raita. Coffee, Mixture Rice, Boiled egg, Sambar, Vegtables.
Sun Black Coffee Idly, Sambar, Coconut Chutney. Tea, Rusk Rice, Sambar, Payasam, Mutton fry./ Vegetables Coffee, Onion-Bonda. Porridge, Horse gram Chutney.

Last Modified on 01.06.2018.

* Monthly Second Thursday, Chicken Briyani


Amount Meals Sponsorships For 150 Patients And Children
500 Biscuits or Black Coffee
750 Banana or Vadai or Milk Coffee / Tea
1000 Laddu or Payasam or Cake
1250 Jangiri
1500 Kesari
1750 Tea with Biscuits
2000 Tea with Sundal or Mixture
3000 Coffee, Vadai and Kesari
4000 Upma or Tomato Rice or Tamarind Rice
5000 Idly Sambar or Pongal, Vadai and Chutney
6000 Porridge, Vegetables & Pickles
7000 Steam Rice, Sambar, Vegetables, Pickles
8000 Steam Rice, Vegetables, Egg Curry
9000 Steam Rice, Vegetables, Sambar, Egg, Appalam, Pickles, Rasam
10000 Steam Rice, Chicken or Mutton Curry, Vegetables
11000 Biryani, Chicken or Mutton

Bed Support :

Expenses of the patients admitted in a particular bed are met by various donors in the bed support scheme. Reports of patients occupying that particular Bed is regularly updated to the donors. A Name Plate bearing the Donor’s Name or his/her loved ones will be placed at the bed side. In a permanent life support scheme, a deposit of 3,00,000/- at 8% annual interest provides 24,000/- per year. i.e. 2,000/- month. i.e. 65/- day.

Bed support can also be made as monthly support or annual support.

In our wards, the beds are divided into the following categories:

  • Red beds for life time permanent support of 3 Lakhs
  • Blue beds for life support, but being paid in instalments and hasn’t reached 3 Lakhs
  • Yellow beds – Monthly support
  • Green beds – No support yet

Care Beyond Leprosarium:

Our leprosy patients undergo special surgeries like Cataract, Skin graft, amputation and even hip replacement at St.Luke’s hospital, Nazareth, free of cost. Some of them when needed are even admitted for ICU care.


Child Support :

Whoever welcomes in my name One such child as this, welcomes me.

- St.Mathew 18:5

St.Luke’s Home for Healthy Children gives refuge to such children. They receive food, clothes, shelter, medicare and education -- all free of cost. After School Finals they are sent for job-oriented technical training. At the end of the training, St.Luke’s helps them with job placement. There is still lot of stigma attached to leprosy. All the members of the leprosy victim's family are affected by it. Very little could be done to change the mindset of the society, once a family is branded as a "leprosy family". Educating the next generation of the family helps in reducing the stigma once attached with the family. The educated children aid in upliftment of the whole family.

Sponsorship/ Scholarship is given to the children in the following ways:

  • Hostel children at Peikulam are studying at nearby Tamil School.
  • Children studying at boy's hostel in the famous Margoschis Hr.Sec. School, Nazareth in both Tamil / English Medium
  • Children studying under the care of their parents at their respective native places, in all classes, both boys & girls.
  • Children at TLM, VTC, Vadathorasalur (Children after Xth Standard).
  • Children pursuing higher educations in various institutions.(Nursing, Engineering, Teacher Training, Degree & Diploma Courses)

Our Sponsorship/Scholarship criteria are as follows:

  • Child with leprosy
  • Children of leprosy parents.
  • Children from leprosy affected family.
  • Total orphans
  • Semi orphans
  • Children of HIV/AIDS affected parents
  • Children of parents who are working for the cause of leprosy.

Sponsorship : For children studying in our children’s home and also studying with their parents at native places. Sponsorship can be given in both annual and permanent format. Annual support is of 10,000/- per year. Permanent support is 1,00,000/-, which can also be paid in instalments. Only the interest incurred from the permanent support is used for the education.

Scholarship : Children pursuing their higher education are also supported. Though education of children in other schools and in higher studies is expensive, we fund the entire education if there is academic excellences and also family's support. This way, there is purpose and motivation for the family and responsibility is shared by the parents as well. The fees may vary depending on the course. Fixed Permanent Scholarship is 3,00,000/-. Only the interest incurred from this amount is used annually i.e. around 25,000/-. Annual Scholarship is also provided at the behest of the donors who are willing to support their once sponsored children into their higher education. The tuition & mess fees details are communicated at request to the donors.


Cloth Support :

I was naked and you clothed me

St.Mathew 25:36

Most of our leprosy patients are too poor to buy even one set of clothes every year. We would like to gift one set of clothes to each member of the family around Christmas every year. One set of clothes for the father, mother, and three children costs 1,500/- An Endowment of 20,000/- will generate an interest amount of 1,500/- The endowment is permanent and once for all times. Only the interest generated by the deposit will be used to buy the clothes. Used clothes are also graciously accepted. The donors will receive a picture of the patient / family to whom they have gifted the clothes.


Staff Support :

Running a 100 bedded hospital with patients most of them requiring daily dressing and even assistance to carry out simple tasks like eating or going to the bath-room, is mainly done by our medical staff and assistants. They have dedicated their life for the leprosarium. Some of them for well over 25 years. They work for a meagre salary. Staff support can be made monthly.   7,000/- per month for nurses, 6,000/-per month for paramedical worker and accountants,   5,000/- per month for office staff and assistants.


Special Protective Gloves 100 Stationery set -or- Hairpin, Ribbon, Clips
Stainless steel Plate, Tumbler Spoon with special cover 300 Soap, Powder, Oil, comb, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Brush
MCR Chappals 1 pair - or - Spectacles 500 Bed sheets, Towel, Pillow case - or - Shoes and Socks
Bedside Toilet 750 Night Dresses or pyjamas
Special POP -or- Elbow Crutches 1,000 School Bag, Water Bottle, Tiffin Box , Umbrella
Set of Clothes, Towel, Bed Sheet 1,500 School Uniform – one set
Walker Special Mobile Stool 2,000 Set of Clothes and Footwear
Cataract Surgery 3,000 Exam Kit and Wrist Watches for Xth Standard
Goat for Re-habilitation 4,000 School Books/ Guides / Tuition Notes/ Stationery
Wheel chair 5,000 Bicycle for VIII, IX, X standards
Load Bicycle for rehabilitation 6,000 Mattress, Bed Sheets, Pillows, Pillow Covers, Towels, Night Dress/ pyjamas, footwear
Annual Sponsorship of one patient -or-Sewing Machines for rehabilitation 7,500 Annual Sponsorship of One Child
Surgical assistance for care at higher centre. 10,000 Education Scholarship per year for higher education


01 Amplifier (AHUJA) 5,000 1
02 Auto Clave Machine 4,00,000 1
03 Ceiling Fans 2,000 20
04 Computer with UPS 35,000 4
05 Invertors (1000 Watts, 180 Amps Battery) 25,000 4
06 Multipara Monitors 40,000 2
07 Refrigerator 65 Lit. with Stabilizer 8,000 3
08 Refrigerator 180 Lit with Stabilizer 12,000 2
09 Refrigerator 250 Lit with Stabilizer 20,000 1
10 Television LCD 32” 25,000 4
11 Wall Clocks 500 6
12 Steam Boiler 5,00,000 1
13 Commercial Washing Machine 20,00,000 1
14 Flame Photometer 75,000 1
15 Digital X-Ray Machine 7,00,000 1

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